What do Foreign experts, foreign investors said about District 9?


Leading Ho Chi Minh City in terms of traffic development, infrastructure as well as attracting investment and real estate development, District 9 is becoming a potential land for living as well as business investment.

Mr. Terry C. (Japanese nationality) considers District 9 as the ideal place to work and live

Foreign investors are moving from the center to District 9

In recent years, thanks to the strong investment in infrastructure system and large and clear land fund, District 9 has the potential to thrive on eco-tourism, with more green areas and lower construction density. Other counties.

District 9 is considered to be a convergence of all necessary and all necessary conditions such as environment, transportation, infrastructure, community … to attract global corporations of Korea, USA, Japan, opened an extremely vibrant development, not inferior to District 1 – the economic center of the city.

Notably in the development potential of District 9 is the presence of many leading electronics corporations in the high-tech zone. Samsung, Intel and international technology corporations set up their headquarters and expanded their factories here, creating even more motivation for investors to pour capital into the market.

This is also a lever for this region to develop economy, attract high quality labor, domestic and international experts and engineers.

In particular, the district’s development model is oriented towards light industry, so even though investors focus on industrial development here, District 9 still maintains a clean and cool environment.

Mr. Terry C. (Japanese nationality) said he was exploring the market in preparation for the company to expand operations into Vietnam.

“During my stay here, I learned a lot about the real estate market. Besides finding suitable locations for offices and factories, I am also considering investing in District 9 because of any The property here is constantly increasing in value, “Mr. Terry added.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lee Woo Hyun (Korean nationality), the owner of the famous Dae Jong Gum restaurant in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, is intending to open more branches in District 9, welcoming a large number of professionals. from South Korea.

He said he has lived in Vietnam for 18 years, seeing Vietnam’s economy continually developing, especially real estate, so he is considering opening more restaurant branches in District 9 – which is attracting a lot of Koreans, Japanese, and also intending to invest in rental properties in this area.

Mr. Lee Woo Hyun, owner of Dae Jong Gum restaurant – a longtime investor living in Vietnam

The Japanese businessman couple, Ms. Rie and Mr. Takamasa Ito, highly appreciate District 9 in a clean and airy living environment: “We really like to live and do business in District 9, where there is wide space and “Based on our experience of living and working here, we believe that every Japanese who comes to Vietnam will have many opportunities.”

The married couple of Japanese businessmen Rie and Takamasa Ito are also residents of Eastern HCMC

District 9 is an attractive destination

The presence of many large-scale apartment projects of leading real estate developers in Vietnam has confirmed the strong “magnet attraction” of District 9. In the near future, the above projects when completed. will attract a large number of experts, engineers, young families to come here to work, live …

This is also a golden opportunity for secondary investors to invest in apartments for rent, shops, or buy and sell with assets constantly increasing value.

It can be said that District 9 is an attractive destination not only in the country but also for foreign investors, especially guests from the land of kimchi and the land of the rising sun.

Recently, the information leakage of Vingroup is about to officially launch a megacity in the heart of District 9, with a scale of up to 271ha. Currently, customers and investors are waiting and trying to find information to seize the opportunity to own quality products at attractive starting prices.

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