The “first” imprints created the Vinhomes Grand Park craze


The newly launched Vinhomes Grand Park immediately created a fever in the market thanks to its unique “first” marks.

The first time there is a large 36ha park in Southeast Asia in Ho Chi Minh City

Vinhomes Grand Park is located in the heart of District 9, with an outstanding scale of 271ha. At Vinhomes Grand Park, most of the space is prioritized for landscape, trees, creating an ideal fresh living environment rare for residents between Saigon. Besides, Vinhomes also invested heavily to build a whole park under the theme park model (also known as the theme park) up to 36 hectares in Southeast Asia, opening up a truly international standard of living.

Vinhomes Grand Park opens an ideal living space for future residents

It has an area similar to the world famous theme parks such as Universal Studios Japan in Osaka (Japan) and California Adventure (USA), but the great park of Vinhomes Grand Park has 15 diverse theme parks. With all ages and lifestyles of residents, including quite a lot of foreigners. These include the outstanding parks, exploring the whole day here like mini golf park for the first time in Vietnam, gym park with hundreds of exercise machines, BBQ park, light park art light, 3 countryside park, happy park, sanatorium park, water playground for children, kayaking area, Patin park …

For the first time, opening up a world-class smart living standard between dynamic Saigon

The apartment owners at the Vinhomes Grand Park project will be the first residents of the city to experience the unique and safe international living standard of living thanks to 4 core values: operating smart, smart security, smart community, smart apartments – commercial products available on demand.

Particularly, establishing a safe area for 271ha living space is not easy. Therefore, the investor has deployed a multi-layer security camera system integrated with artificial intelligence, has the ability to self-detect faces, detect objects on the blacklist and actively send alerts to the center when incident.

Vinhomes Grand Park operates on a comprehensive intelligent ecosystem

Another unique feature is that residents who take the elevator to the apartment will not need to swipe the card and press the floor selection number as usual apartments. With the elevator hierarchy integrated Face ID facial recognition feature, the elevator will automatically identify and bring residents to the right floor of his apartment. Safety issues in apartment buildings are also carefully invested with intelligent fire protection system with the function of sending fire incident information to residents’ phones and providing the fastest way to escape.

In addition, residents only need to install a single application (resident App) on their smartphones to quickly report technical problems to management, make cash-free purchases, find parking, or register to use local utilities.

These are just a few of the many smart living experiences that prospective residents of Vinhomes Grand Park will enjoy.

The first time to provide 3 product lines of apartments in the same project

“Smart city – park” Vinhomes Grand Park offers all 3 product lines: Sapphire, Ruby, Diamond, offering diverse options for customers. Inside,
Sapphire apartments are being planned in focus in The Rainbow, the first launch area at Vinhomes Grand Park. Apartments of Sapphire line have a modern and flexible design, when given to the owner, they will be completed according to the minimum finishing standards so that residents can actively design their apartments according to their preferences and personality.
The investor said that the Sapphire apartment buildings of The Rainbow are being completed day by day. According to updated information in June, the Rainbow subdivision buildings have poured concrete to the 9th floor, 10th floor …

With many outstanding highlights, Vinhomes Grand Park is creating great attraction for home buyers, and opening a breakthrough opportunity for domestic and foreign investors.

Vinhomes Grand Park – the smart city – the first park in Ho Chi Minh City is operated based on a smart urban model based on 4 core axes including: Smart operation, security – smart safety, plus smart contracts and smart apartments (commercial products available on demand).
Vinhomes Grand Park owns a potential location, with 2 sides bordering Tac River and Dong Nai River, bringing ecological space in harmony with nature. At the same time, with the system of utility landscapes surpassing Southeast Asia’s leading scale up to 36 hectares, with 15 rich and diverse theme parks.











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