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Releasing already

Vinhomes Grand Park chính thức ra mắt subdivision The Rainbow.


The apartments of the line Sapphire brand Vinhomes, fully inherited habitat offers Vietnam from synchronized planning and management platform, intelligent operation of Park City The Rainbow featuring the life fashionable many colors color from the landscape and prominent gadgets of their own.

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central point

Located at the gateway location, adjacent 45-story office building and arterial roads Nguyen Xien, The Rainbow sở hữu vị trí đắc địa. Từ đây, cư dân kết nối trực tiếp đến trung tâm Thành phố.

This is also the zoning status brightest future by directly approaching 3 beltway project goes through. In the future, the city completed, the line will be elevated plus The Rainbow particular value, Vinhomes Grand Park in general.


Unique landscape

Cư dân The Rainbow được trải nghiệm cuộc sống hòa quyện giữa âm thanh và sắc màu từ cảnh quan điểm nhấn – Quảng trường cầu vồng.

Here, the hand talented architect has created a vibrant space with inspiration from music. A wind orchestra bell icon placed next to interactive instruments. A garden with art icon located on the same street stroll colorful Story of the journey of discovery The Rainbow opens from here…


Smart city

With intelligent ecosystem based on 4 trục cốt lõi gồm:
Smart operation
Smart apartment
Smart security
Smart community

Park City

Inspired on a domain of pure nature right in the heart of urban, Riverside park rộng 36ha ra đời với mô hình tích hợp nhiều công viên trong 1 công viên. Tại Vinhomes Grand Park, cư dân mọi lứa tuổi có thể trải nghiệm, khám phá tới 15 theme parks utilities.
More than 30 outdoor sports grounds
More than 50 outdoor fitness machine
System landscape, gardens, footpaths
3 large outdoor swimming pool
15 children's playgrounds and stadiums uninterrupted
Ayurvedic garden series
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