The higher and higher life, the higher quality of life is respected. Besides the quality of green living – clean, modern technology helps people manage their lives in a smart and scientific way to have more time to enjoy a relaxed life.

Convenient living with technology

According to the development of the world, nowadays, in many developed countries in Asia, the smart urban model has been successfully built and put into effective operation. Residents of Singapore, Songdo of Korea or Fuijsawa of Japan have been enjoying a smart life – managing modern life thanks to the presence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence. (WHO).

Taking advantage of the results of the 4.0 technology revolution, in smart cities or smart cities, people can experience and enjoy life in a new way. Residents live safer and more comfortable in smart apartments when they can adjust their appliances through the phone, voice and sensor applications (even when absent); travel in urban areas more easily thanks to the support of camera systems at key points.

Accessing and finding cars is easier than ever in the “smart parking” area; residents are ready to shop anytime without cash with the residents App right on the phone; report and propose quick troubleshooting 24/7 … New generation residents manage their lives more conveniently with smart devices and “touch” sometimes.

In Vietnam, most high-end apartment projects have been upgraded to help residents enjoy a variety of utilities and control operations in a smarter way. However, the “smart residents” when being together need to be connected to form a “smart community”.

With the large Vinhomes Grand Park (Q9, Ho Chi Minh City) of Vingroup, the lives of residents are strictly protected under a multi-layer camera system with artificial intelligence, densely arranged throughout the city. whole area. These cameras immediately send data to the Security Center when detecting strangers entering buildings (those who do not register faces in the data of the Management Board); The objects on the “black list” have violated the law … Security forces will constantly update the data to be transmitted and processed in time, preventing bad situations.

Future residents at Vinhomes Grand Park will experience and enjoy a smart, safe, and active life

For children living in this smart city, playing in the park or going to the elevator is also closely monitored by the camera. This can be considered as an effective function to help parents feel secure when letting their children play and travel in the living area – something that has not been done in any smart city before in Vietnam.

Besides, what makes residents like is also in the intelligent elevator system that controls stratification to avoid the intrusion of strangers. Residents or guests on any floor can only access that floor, automatically recognize faces and open ladders for guests via Intercom or Smartphone; intelligent fire protection system fire alarm and escape instructions via Smartphone.

Obviously, the benefits in a “smart city” have created modern residents, proficiently taking advantage of scientific advances for personal life and community connection.

Enjoy life to the fullest with nature

Living close to nature is a complete element of the style of enjoying the full life and affirming the class and “quality” of the new generation residents.

With a Vinhomes Grand Park built on an international-class urban model and developed to become Smart City – the first park in the heart of dynamic Saigon, improving the inspiration of everyday life of Residents of all ages. With the largest population of riverside parks in Southeast Asia, Vinhomes Grand Park will stand out as a unique “green mark” on the city map. Ho Chi Minh. Besides, it is impossible not to mention the first-ever terrain-themed mini golf park in Vietnam, Gym park with more than 800 exercise machines, BBQ park with nearly 100 barbecue points, Kayak rowing area … are all interesting meeting places for residents every weekend.

Vinhomes Grand Park stands out as a unique “green mark” on the city map. Ho Chi Minh

It can be seen that the system of parks in the great Vinhomes Grand Park not only brings a peaceful green life between nature but also helps residents to have interesting, colorful experiences every day.

Besides, the project also owns a strategic position when located at the Eastern gateway, which is being strongly invested in transport infrastructure. Future residents of the megacities can move conveniently to the city center via arterial roads such as Nguyen Xien, Hanoi highway … Especially, the travel time will be shortened when metro line No. 1 Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien will be put into operation in 2020.

Thus, choosing a living environment in harmony with nature and a variety of utilities that are operated on smart platforms is making Vinhomes Grand Park one of the hottest keywords of the HCMC real estate market and is the first choice of customers as well as wise investors.

“Smart City – Park” Vinhomes Grand Park has a total area of ​​271ha, located in Long Binh and Long Thanh My Ward, District 9 – the eastern gateway of Ho Chi Minh City. In the future, Vinhomes Grand Park will become the center of the Creative Urban network according to the city’s development planning.

Developed in the model of world-class mega-urban, “Smart City – Park” Vinhomes Grand Park includes all 3 product lines from intermediate to high-end: Sapphire, Ruby, Diamond – bringing Diverse selection for customers.

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