3 unique product lines converge in the smart city – the first park of Ho Chi Minh City


For the first time, Vinhomes develops a “unified” project, converging all 3 apartments in the same project in Ho Chi Minh City, enjoying a variety of unique utilities, opening up a variety of options for customers. 

The first project of Vinhomes in Ho Chi Minh City converged “3 product lines in 1”

Any project of Vinhomes when launched, topped the list of the most attractive projects, with a very high transaction rate. In Ho Chi Minh City, a few years ago, Vinhomes Central Park and Vinhomes Golden River used to be the focus of the market and have always been the model urban area of ​​the city since being put into operation so far.

Continuing that success, the leading real estate developer in Vietnam has just launched Vinhomes Grand Park, a smart city – a park of 271ha in the center of District 9 and immediately stirred. market activity. The project was built with the goal of creating a unique living space, raising the standard of living of residents and changing the appearance of the city.

Vinhomes Grand Park offers all 3 apartments in the same project

One of the reasons Vinhomes Grand Park attracts special attention of the market is that thanks to the convergence of all 3 product lines in the same project, including Sapphire, Ruby and Diamond, it helps customers easily choose according to need. In particular, Sapphire is a modern apartment line for young people who are enthusiastic, prefer technology and flexible solutions in life; Ruby is a more luxury apartment line, for modern family customers who want to improve their lives. Particularly Diamond is the most advanced product line, for groups of customers with high incomes, leading to a high-class life, fully isolated and full of utilities.

3 product lines, sharing 1 outstanding ecosystem of the megacities

3 product lines with specific characteristics, targeting a variety of customers, offering flexible, diverse choices and suitable to the needs of each person’s living space, but all are connected by 2 The main highlight is also the outstanding strength – the hallmark of Vinhomes Grand Park.

The first highlight comes from the investor’s synchronous application of modern technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data (Big Data) and artificial intelligence (AI) to manage and operate the megacities. . As a result, residents will have a comfortable and safe life with 4 core axes “smart operation”, “smart security”, “smart community”, and “smart apartment” (real commercial products on demand).

All three product lines mentioned above are planned in accordance with each zone, enjoying the “all in one” ecosystem, where all high-end utilities are well invested and smartly operated to restore them. Serving all residents, including Vinschool International School, Vincom shopping center, supermarket, 45-storey office building ….

The second highlight is the 36ha riverside park including 15 theme-themed theme parks – a unique utility that any resident expects to experience and enjoy every day. In addition to the modern Western-style parks such as terrain mini golf parks, Gym parks, BBQ parks … are parks with bold Vietnamese identity such as Ba countryside park, Cultural park art, … bringing a beautiful, healthy and vibrant living space to residents of all ages.

The most impressive is the Art Lighting Park, which not only becomes a highlight for the urban landscape, this park is also a trendy check-in point with the unprecedented experience of the residents. Currently, the Light Park is being urgently deployed and will soon be available to residents of Ho Chi Minh City.


The first images of the Light Park at Vinhomes Grand Park (Photos of the construction site)

A corner of the central park of the smart city – Vinhomes Grand Park (Photos)

Developed in the model of world-class megacities, offering a diverse selection of customers with many different product lines, Vinhomes Grand Park has become the focus of all attention, creating a fever around the world. The market is especially when the market is very short of projects that bring innovation and breakthrough innovation.

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The Rainbow Division was first launched

The Rainbow is the first subdivision to be launched at Vinhomes Grand Park, offering a line of Sapphire apartments with modern design for active young people. The Rainbow owns a prime location at the project when located in the gateway area, adjacent to Nguyen Xien arterial road, next to the 45-storey office building.
Particularly in The Rainbow, residents can experience the colorful life from the rainbow park and full utility system. In particular, The Rainbow has a prime location, convenient when located near the 45-storey office building of the great urban.












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