What does The Rainbow’s residents experience while accomodating?


The launch of the first subdivision of Vinhomes Grand Park urban complex converges a chain of unprecedented amenities, opening a unique lifestyle space for residents.

Have fun at colorful Rainbow Park

Rainbow Park is the highlight of The Rainbow in the smart city – Vinhomes Grand Park. This is a unique landscape utility, designed lively, promising to become the most exciting destination at The Rainbow.

Impressive Rainbow Park in The Rainbow subdivision

Exercising in the sports ground and modern stadium

The Rainbow directs residents to an active and healthy lifestyle, by being fully equipped with mini soccer fields, tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, badminton courts, ping-pong courts, more than 50 gyms. outdoor sports, 3 large resort-style swimming pools, 15 children’s playgrounds and a continuous stadium … The arrangement of many outdoor sports courts, integrating with nature will help residents exercise effectively. Particularly, the elderly residents will enjoy playing chess, meditation and dancing with their peers everyday in the nursing garden next to the apartment.

Residents at The Rainbow can experience many modern and classy facilities amidst the ideal living environment

Experience a unique and first-time presented theme park population 

In addition to the opportunity of experiencing the facilities designed exclusively for The Rainbow, the residents also inherit an active and exciting life with Southeast Asia’s leading riverside smart park complex measuring 36ha. This area has up to 15 different theme parks, most notably the art light park with super light trees; mini terrain golf park; Outdoor Gym park with over 800 exercise machines; BBQ park with nearly 100 barbecue spots, picnic park, 3 rural market park, happy park, Kayak …

Enjoy convenient life with shopping centers, hospitals, schools, office buildings

Vinhomes Grand Park not only opens up the largest outdoor activity space ever with a series of parks, squares, training grounds … rich and diverse, but this great city is also the place where every residents’ essential needs have been fully met, including Vinschool’s multi-level school system and other public and private schools; hospitals to shops, shophouse, Vincom shopping center. In particular, the adjacent 45-storey office building will bring bustling life and relentless movement for The Rainbow subdivision.

As a part of the Vinhomes Grand Park urban area, The Rainbow subdivision naturally inherits unique benefits from the comprehensive intelligent ecosystem creating 4 core values: intelligent operation, intelligent security, smart community, smart apartments – commercial products that meet demand. Accordingly, residents of the subdivision will first experience a comfortable, unprecedented modern lifestyle with high-tech platforms such as the internet connecting everything or artificial intelligence and big data.

All the essential and high-end needs of the residents are fully met at Vinhomes Grand Park

It can be said that owning The Rainbow apartments is owning a dynamic, youthful lifestyle and a unique and rich world of utilities. This factor helped 10,000 apartments of The Rainbow to be quickly registered in just 17 days, since the project was officially launched in early July. This is considered a miracle sales achievement in the market so far.

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