Vinhomes Grand Park – Ideal living space for global citizens


Vinhomes Grand Park opens trendy living space with the highlight of the largest 36ha riverside park in Southeast Asia with a series of modern utilities on the basis of a unique intelligent ecosystem for global citizens.

The first model of world-class smart city in Ho Chi Minh City

Smart City – Vinhomes Grand Park is built in Long Binh and Long Thanh My wards, District 9 – adjacent to High-tech Park II, where many multinational corporations are gathered. Right after launching, this project has attracted the attention of many foreigners, overseas Vietnamese and modern families living in Ho Chi Minh City.

With the orientation of opening a world-class living space, Vinhomes has invested in building projects with many unique utilities, fully serving the high demands of dynamic, modern global residents.


Vinhomes Grand Park opens living space

In particular, the most interesting new thing is that all utilities in the megacity are managed by Vinhomes, operating in the model of smart cities that are very successful in the world such as Singapore, Songdo of Korea, Fujisawa of Japan or San Diego of America …

To do this, the investor applies artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data (IT) technologies to centralized operation, bringing a unique lifestyle. never happend. As a result, residents of Vinhomes Grand Park are guaranteed to be higher than normal standards with a multi-layer security camera system with artificial intelligence capable of facial recognition, blacklist object detection, automatically detect incidents and proactively notify the center to be able to support promptly. Citizens are also protected privacy and safety thanks to the elevator with intelligent stratification system integrated with Face ID technology; be informed in detail about temperature humidity, air quality every day …

Those are just some of the countless smart features implemented in the metropolitan area because according to the investor, there are many other “wow” features to bring a trendy smart lifestyle. , serving the life of residents at the highest standards, the most modern. This is not possible in conventional projects.

In addition, when living here, residents can optimize the busy time of the day thanks to the diverse system of internal facilities, “all in one” according to Vinhomes standards such as Vinschool, Vincom Shopping Center , bustling shopping, shophouse … Even “walking to the company” can be done because in the metropolis there is a 45-storey office building. This office building is located right next to The Rainbow, Vinhomes Grand Park’s first launch subdivision.

Multi-experience living space with 15 theme parks at 36ha park

Another outstanding element of the “smart city – park” Vinhomes Grand Park to serve the global community of residents is also a large riverside complex park up to 36 hectares, the leading scale in Southeast Asia. Inside this great park, there are 15 diverse theme parks, bringing green space and fresh living environment, while opening an ideal outdoor, exciting outdoor life every day.

Great 36ha park with 15 theme parks

There, residents will have the opportunity to experience high-class sports at the mini golf park, exercise at the Gym park with hundreds of exercise machines, organize a barbecue with family and friends at the BBQ park. By the stretch of white sand … Every evening, families can stroll leisurely to admire the shimmering beauty at the art light park with a series of unique super light trees and wiggle park romantic fanciful.

Gathering the preeminent values ​​that can meet the needs and lifestyles of global citizens, Vinhomes Grand Park becomes an ideal model for the trend of developing world-class living spaces in Ho Chi Minh City. .


The Rainbow Division was first launched

The Rainbow is the first subdivision to be launched at Vinhomes Grand Park, offering a line of Sapphire apartments with modern designs for active young people. The Rainbow owns a prime location at the project when located at the gateway area, adjacent to Nguyen Xien arterial road.

Particularly in The Rainbow, residents can experience the colorful life from the rainbow park. In particular, The Rainbow has a prime location, convenient when located near the 45-storey office building of the big urban.









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