Vinhomes Grand Park attracts foreign investors


With a special spread right after opening, Vinhomes Grand Park creates a strong attraction for both domestic and international customers such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong …, making the supply insufficient.

Supply is not enough demand

Smart City – Vinhomes Grand Park with a total area of ​​271ha, located in District 9 – the eastern gateway of Ho Chi Minh City. The project opens up a world-class living space with many unique utilities, meeting the high demands of dynamic, modern global residents.

Mr. Dang Ngoc Duy – General Director of First Real Estate Southern Joint Stock Company, one of the official distributors of Vinhomes Grand Park project, said due to the limited supply of apartments according to the general situation of The foreign market and regulations on foreign organizations and individuals only own no more than 30% of the total number of apartments of an apartment building, so the scarcity is also happening locally for the distribution units. The number of foreign tourists wishing to buy Vinhomes Grand Park apartments has exceeded the number of existing products many times. Facing this scarcity situation, right from the beginning of the project, a number of foreign investors decided to order early.

Analyzing factors that attract foreign investors of Vinhomes Grand Park project, Mr. Duy added: “The majority of foreign customers who choose to invest in real estate projects will be based on the project location factors, utility scale, investor prestige. Vinhomes Grand Park converges all of the above factors, many utilities, green spaces, smart technology applications equivalent to similar projects in the region, but the price is very attractive.

A foreign investor (right) is doing procedures at Vinhomes Thao Dien real estate trading floor

Sharing on the situation of scarcity, Mr. Fong Tat Wing, an investor from Hong Kong, has long experience in real estate in Vietnam, said: “I am impressed with the scale. of Vinhomes Grand Park, as well as the outstanding facilities here. After investing and living in Vinhomes Central Park, Vinhomes Riverside, I am very satisfied with products from Vinhomes investor. Currently, real estate in Vietnam is growing high compared to the region, the economic situation is developing well, while real estate prices are very competitive compared to neighboring markets, this is an appropriate time to spend. for foreign investors. I believe that Vinhomes Grand Park apartment will increase its value in the future ”.

Mr. Fong Tat Wing (left), an investor from Hong Kong, is learning about Vinhomes Grand Park

Great opportunity for foreign investors

Foreign investors are very impressed when the Smart City – Vinhomes Grand Park in the future promises to become the center of the Creative Urban network under the development planning of Ho Chi Minh City. It is also the first world-class smart city in Ho Chi Minh City to be managed and operated on a comprehensive technology platform, where residents will enjoy an unprecedented trendy life in the ecosystem. Modern with 4 core values: smart operation, smart security, smart community and smart apartments – commercial products available on demand. The highlight of the project is the great 36ha riverside park with 15 diverse theme parks, with the leading scale in Southeast Asia, bringing superior living space and full of colorful experience.

The reason Vinhomes Grand Park creates a strong attraction to foreign investors is not only from the unique features of the project but also in the very positive economic and market situation of Ho Chi Minh City. In 2018, the GRDP of Ho Chi Minh City increased by 8.3%, the city also welcomed 7.5 million international visitors, an increase of more than 18%, accounting for 50% of the total number of international visitors nationwide.

Especially, the economic development has helped the FDI of Ho Chi Minh City grow well. The socio-economic situation report for the first 6 months of 2019 of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee said that the total foreign investment capital attracted was 3.21 billion USD, up 20% over the same period in 2018. Capital contribution , buying shares, buying back capital contribution of domestic enterprises by foreign investors flowed the most into real estate, accounting for 23.1%.

Vinhomes Grand Park attracts foreign investors due to the unique characteristics of the project and the overall growth situation of Ho Chi Minh City

It is forecasted that the number of foreign employees who come to live and work in Ho Chi Minh City will increase. According to information from Vinhomes, many investment funds in Japan and Korea have decided to sign a cooperation agreement, and continue to learn to buy a large number of Vinhomes Grand Park apartments. This information further confirms the attraction of the project and opportunities for foreign investors for the “Smart City – Park” Vinhomes Grand Park.

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