Exploring 36ha theme park with multi experience in Vinhomes Grand Park


Opening up an exciting life in a pure and natural environment, Vinhomes Grand Park, with the largest large riverside park in Southeast Asia measuring 36ha, brings a new and unique experience every day for the residents.

The great park at Vinhomes Grand Park opens the ideal living space for global residents (illustration image)

With an outstanding large scale, the park at Vinhomes Grand Park integrates up to 15 diverse theme parks, helping residents to explore freely. Let’s immerse yourself in the vibrant ecological space through the impressive images below:

Unique topographic terrain mini park for the first time in Vietnam. The whole family can experience the high-class sport, which is reserved for the elite (illustration image)


Outstanding picnic park with white sand beach with green coconut trees along the lake, bringing a rare peaceful feeling in the dynamic Saigon (illustration image)


The Three Country-areas Park recreates the unique atmosphere throughout the country, helping residents explore interesting culinary spaces (illustrated image)


Gym park with over 800 outdoor exercise machines, opening up the most optimal workout space for residents. According to the Journal of Metabolism, the science proves that only one intense outdoor activity also has three times efficiency of the fat burning, compared to long-term training on indoor machines (illustration image)


The highlight of the landscape not to be missed at Vinhomes Grand Park is the Lighting Park with 15 super light trees combined with beautiful sparkling lantern suburbs at night, promising to become the top of the most crowded check-in spots not only in District 9 ,but also in Saigon in general. Currently, the Light Park is being completed day by day, scheduled to open in October 2019.


Residents will also enjoy the unique physical activities at Patin Park, dance park, aerobic park, kayaking area, … (illustration image)


BBQ park with more than 100 barbecue spots is an ideal picnic place for families, a place to exchange and connect with friends, with stylish barbecue parties between an open, green campus (illustration image)


Besides the park, Vinhomes Grand Park is also equipped with 150 sports fields such as mini football, tennis, badminton, basketball, volleyball …; 11 outdoor swimming pools; more than 60 children’s playgrounds and a series of playgrounds distributed throughout the urban area (illustration image)

Another unique thing is that Vinhomes Grand Park is organized to operate applications adapted to the smart urban model, hence, all activities for residents’ life, including 36ha park population are professionally managed. Particularly, for the security issue, the investor equipped a multi-layer security camera system integrated with artificial intelligence, capable of identifying bad objects and analyzing dangerous acts to send a warning to the security forces, block in time, and ensure high safety for residents. Residents can also book and pay easily with the smartphone’s pre-installed application. Besides, this application acts as a miniature social network, helping residents to easily connect, create sports clubs, organize and participate in tournaments that suit their own interests.

It can be said that modern living space with a diverse theme park helps every single day of the future residents of Vinhomes Grand Park experiencing every stage of emotions.


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